This first webinar will provide management teams with up to date perspectives on the key challenges and opportunities in the emerging NDIS marketplace, and the implications for people with disability and the broader community, now and into the future.

This webinar is aimed at people or organisations who are new to the NDIS.  If you are an experienced NDIS provider we suggest you commence with webinar 2.




  • Webinar slides
  • Webinar script
  • Worksheet
  • Links from worksheet:
    • Do we understand what is funded in NDIS plans?
      • Information about plan funding in Quarterly report here
      • Information on NDIS access here
    • Do we understand the responsibility of mainstream services versus the NDIS?
      • Information about NDIS and mainstream services here
    • Do we understand the role of the NDIA and NDIS Commission?
      • Information about the NDIS for providers here
      • Information about the NDIS for participants here
      • Information about the NDIS Commission here
      • Information on new provider registrations here
      • Information on registered provider requirements here
    • Do we understand how to provide person centred supports?
      • Information on person centred supports here
    • Have we read the NDIS price guide and support catalogue?
      • Information about pricing and payment of supports here
      • Information about latest Price Guide changes here
      • Information about getting paid here
    • YouTube video – Rights Under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (UNCRPD)